INTACS Dynamics – Profile

Fast to Develop, Easy to Change

Integrated with Microsoft Office Solution

Integrated with Business Process Management

Open Architecture and Inherent Collaborative

Moving on Static to Dynamic Business Application


INTACS Profile Presentation

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Solution Indutries

Manufacturing System
Distribution System
Construction System
Logistics System
Garments System

Key Benefits

Built for Change
Design the Way People Work and Interact
Rapid Adaptation on New Requirement
Zero Coding Rapid Development Tools
Focus on Business Process

Dynamic Features

User Define Business Process
Dynamics Documents
Dynamics Charts and Pivots
Dynamics Forms
Dynamics Reports
Dynamics Dashboards
Customizable Terminology

Technical Specification

Online and Mobile Access
Performance and Scallability
Multi Device
Multi Level Security
Clouds Computing

Forrester Research, 2007
IT’s primary goal during the next five years should be to invent a new generation of enterprise software that adapts to the business and its work and evolves with it.
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INTACS Business Solution, 2012
We have designed, developed and implemented “INTACS Dynamics” a dynamic business application which agile, responsive and adapted to change.

Let’s go with the new generation of business application !

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